I work for more then 30 years in the IT business and for more then 20 years as an IT Security Professional.

During this time I did the following, among other things :

  • Network Layer 1-3
  • Firewall’s
  • Network Forensik
  • Anti-Virus / Endpoint Protection
  • Security Event Monitoring
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD
  • Teacher für Hacker & Security Kurse
  • Consultant in IT Security
  • Head of Security at a global Provider
  • Various public lectures
  • Various publications in magazines and newspapers

I currently work for a large global provider as Security Chief Technology Officer.

The purpose of the information on this web site is to better inform IT professionals about current threats from the Internet. FISCHERMAN.CH accepts no liability whatsoever if the information found on this website is used unlawfully!