Some words about my music experience….

I play Guitar, Keyboard, Synth‘s, Sampler and other electronic-Music-stuff, Chinese Flute, Didgeridoo and Tenori-On.

I had once, a loooong time ago a sound studio and was working as some kind of a real bad studio musician.
With a friend of mine we made also a demo-tape and we made also some cool commercial Chingles.

I have a good knowledge about sound-synthesis as I was working on (REAL!) old-school synths as ARP 2600, EMS VCS, Prophet 5, Korg MS-20 and other analog stuff, and I know a lot about MIDI.

On my Mac I got Reason, Traktor, Reaktor of course GarageBand, AudaCity and some other useful aps.

I‘m always interested in innovative music stuff, drop me a note if you got some cools news for me.

Here you can find some music files :